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Financial Assistance

The Canadian Reformed Churches
Provision for assistance is regulated in Article 20 of the Church Order of the Canadian Reformed Churches, which reads: "The churches shall endeavour that there be students of Theology, extending financial aid to those who are in need of it."

The Synod of Burlington (2010) has appointed the church of Grassie as Committee for Needy Students. Students who are members of the Canadian Reformed Churches and who wish to apply for financial assistance should submit their application to Covenant Canadian Reformed Church, Needy Students Fund, PO Box 641, Smithville ON, L0R 2A0.

Further information (including contact info) can be found here:

Introduction to the Needy Students Fund

NSF Support Guidelines

Budget Request Form


The Faber-Holwerda Bursary Fund
The Faber-Holwerda Bursary Fund was established on September 8, 1989 by Dr. Jelle Faber at the time of his retirement of Professor of Dogmatology at the Theological College of the Canadian Reformed Churches. Dr. Faber chose to name the Fund in honour of the "wife of his youth," Mrs. Wytske Faber-Holwerda. Not intended to replace the provisions for assistance as regulated in Article 20 of the Church Order, the purpose of the Faber-Holwerda Bursary Fund is to provide students who have a special financial need with some additional monies. "Special financial need" may range from a need arising out of special personal circumstances, to a very practical need for some extra funds at festive times of the year, to a need for funds due to sudden or unexpected expenses related to family situations. Funds may also be allocated to assist a student in the purchase of books.

Application may be made to Dr. A. J. de Visser at the Seminary.

The Selles Book Prize Fund
The Selles Book Prize consists of a public presentation of a certificate and a cheque. The prize may (or may not) be awarded at the time of Convocation to a graduating student whose performance in the New Testament Studies has been outstanding throughout this course of studies at the Theological Seminary, and who shows exceptional promise in the field of New Testament Studies.

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