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CRTS Conference 2015

Conference 2015 videos available here.

Convocation Video

Convocation 2014 video now available.

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Convocation 2014 photos available here.


Tuition Fees

The tuition fees for full-time students, part-time students and auditors are determined by the Board of Governors. Fees should be paid at the beginning of the school year.

Tuition Fee Schedule

Full-time Students - $2,300 per year
Part-time Students - $45 per credit
Auditors - $40 per credit

Tuition Refund Policy

Refund of tuition for the semester in which a student is currently enrolled will be made only based on the withdrawal authorization form from the Registrar's office as follows:

After commencement of classes:

  • 0-5 days, 75% will be refunded
  • 6-15 days, 50% will be refunded
  • 16-20 days, 25% will be refunded
  • Over 20 days, no refund entitlement

The withdrawal date is determined by the latest of the following:

  • The date the student begins the withdrawal process of providing official notification, oral or written
  • The date the student stops attending classes.

A student who wishes to withdraw must contact the Registrar to initiate and complete the appropriate paperwork.

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