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Bibliology (New Testament)

1204 New Testament Greek
The grammar and syntax of New Testament Greek is studied. Passages from the gospels, the Septuagint and the Apostolic Fathers are read.

1205 New Testament Text
Philip Comfort's Encountering the Manuscripts is studied, and attention is given to the practice of textual criticism with the aid of the text-critical apparatus of the Greek New Testament. The history of the translation of the Bible into English is briefly surveyed and the requirements for and different methods of translating the Bible are discussed.

1206 Introductory Hermeneutics
A study of the history and the Reformed principles of the interpretation of the Scriptures. Attention is also given to some modern critical methods.

2204 New Testament Greek
The grammar and idioms of New Testament Greek are studied. The readings concentrate on the Gospel according to Luke and Acts.
Prerequisite: 1204 New Testament Greek.

2205 New Testament Background
This course deals with the larger Judaic and Greco-Roman context in which the New Testament events took place. Attention is given to the extrabiblical sources for much of that knowledge, to the intertestamental history, to the sects and movements that were current, to the temple and the nature of daily life in New Testament times.

3204 New Testament Greek
The grammar and idioms of New Testament Greek are studied. Readings are from the Pauline Epistles.
Prerequisite: 1204 New Testament Greek.

3205 New Testament Canonics
The course deals with the grounds for and the history of the recognition of the books in the New Testament as holy and canonical. Further, these books are studied with respect to their place and purpose in the canon. The contents of the books are surveyed.

3206 New Testament Exegesis
Selected chapters of the Pauline, Johannine or Petrine letters are studied with a view to their original context and their contemporary significance.

4205 New Testament Greek
The grammar and idioms of New Testament Greek are studied. The readings are from the book of Hebrews, the Catholic Epistles and Revelation.
Prerequisite: 1204 New Testament Greek.

4206 History of Revelation in the New Testament
The concept of a "history of revelation" is discussed and several phases of this history in the New Testament era are discussed. In seminars, some themes from the Pauline writings are treated especially with a view to their relation to the teaching of the Lord Jesus.

4207 Advanced Hermeneutics
This course will take a closer look at some of the hermeneutical and methodological issues touched on in 1207. Attention will also be paid to the narrative-critical approach to interpreting the New Testament.

4208 New Testament Exegesis
Passages of the Gospel of John are studied with special emphasis on their redemptive-historical significance. 

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