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1407 Philosophy
After introducing philosophy and logic, this course surveys many key Western philosophical ideas and debates with a view to how they have affected theology and vice versa.  The course closes with a study of Reformed philosophy, in particular the (Dooyeweerdian) Philosophy of the Cosmonomic Idea and newer Reformed Epistemology of Alvin Plantinga, c.s.

1408 Introduction to Theology
This course explores what theology should be from the Reformed perspective. The starting point is A. Kuyper's Principles of Sacred Theology. Topics discussed include the specific subject matter of theology, its relation to other disciplines, and the division of theology.

1409 Symbolics
Symbolics is the study of the symbols (creeds and confessions) of the church. This first course in Symbolics aims at a thorough knowledge of the three Ecumenical Creeds and the Three Forms of Unity. The history and text of these creeds and confessions are discussed in the freshman year. In Semester I the focus is on the ecumenical creeds, in Semester II on the Three Forms of Unity.

2409 Dogmatics I
In the first semester, the focus is on introductory questions (prolegomena), such as the nature, method and source of dogmatics, followed by revelation and Scripture. In the second semester the doctrines of the triune God and the divine decree are dealt with.

2410 Advanced Symbolics
Using the Three Forms of Unity as a reference point, the history and text of various significant confessions from the 16th century until today are studied.  Special attention is given to the Westminster Standards.  

2411 Apologetics
This course studies the history and methods of Christian apologetics – both negative and positive approaches – and equips students to defend their faith before the world. The first half of the course covers the biblical basis, history, and main schools of apologetics while the second half engages in the practice of apologetics.

3409 Dogmatics II
In the first semester, the focus is on the work of God in creation and providence, and the doctrines of man, sin and covenant.

3410 Ethics I
An introduction to Ethics is followed by a discussion of the Ten Words of the Covenant.

4411 Dogmatics III
In the course, the doctrines of the church and the means of grace are studied in Semester I, followed by a discussion of soteriology, eschatology and  christology in Semester II.

4412 Contemporary Issues
The church today is confronted with numerous challenging issues, both doctrinal and ethical. A number of these issues will be explored and evaluated on the basis of God's Word and the Reformed confessions.

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