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2307 Church History
This course studies the history of the early and medieval church, with special attention to the doctrinal controversies of the period, the interaction of church and state, the work of Augustine, and the development of scholastic method in theology.

2308 Church History 
This course begins in the late medieval era and then studies the history of the Protestant Reformation in Europe, with subsequent developments up to about A.D. 1800. Besides introducing key figures and movements, the course also surveys the developments in the relationship of the church to the state, education, and science.

3307 Church Polity
This course begins with the biblical grounds for church polity, then reviews the historical development of Reformed consistorial and synodical church polity, followed by study of the Church Order of Dort as regards the ecclesiastical offices and supervision of doctrine.

3308 Church History
This course covers the period A.D. 1800 to present in European church history, particularly Dutch Reformed church history. The events of the Secession (1832), Doleantie (1886), Union (1892), Liberation (1944), as well as more recent events are studied in their historical context.

4309 Church Polity
This course completes the study of the Church Order of Dort, examining in historical perspective the practical aspects of the ecclesiastical assemblies; worship, sacraments, and ceremonies; and church discipline.

4310 Church History
This course covers church history in North and South America from the 16th c. to the present. Colonization, the First and Second Great Awakenings, the rise of Evangelicalism, and more recent developments receive attention. The history of the Christian Reformed, Free Reformed, Protestant Reformed, and Canadian Reformed Churches is also studied in this context.

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