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Junior Year

3101 Old Testament Hebrew
Selected passages from the Prophets are read, with due attention given to the Hebrew grammar. Prerequisite: 1101 Old Testament Hebrew.

3111 Old Testament Aramaic (Elective)
An introductory study of the grammar of Biblical Aramaic. Aramaic portions of the Old Testament are studied. A good knowledge of Hebrew is assumed in this course, which will be offered only if feasible. Prerequisite: 1101 Old Testament Hebrew and the permission of the professor.

3102 Old Testament Canonics
A study of the origin and specific character of the books of the Old Testament. The authorship, date, contents, structure as well as the special place or purpose of each book is discussed. Attention is also given to the history of the study of Canonics as well as current trends in this field.

3103 Old Testament Exegesis
Selected passages from one of the Prophets are studied, mainly in seminar format with a special emphasis on the text, its translation and message. Occasionally an excursus on a subject related to the text is given. 

3205 New Testament Canonics
The course deals with the grounds for and the history of the recognition of the books in the New Testament as holy and canonical. Further, these books are studied with respect to their place and purpose in the canon. The contents of the books are surveyed.

3204 New Testament Greek
The grammar and idioms of New Testament Greek are studied. Readings are from the Pauline Epistles.
Prerequisite: 1204 New Testament Greek.

3206 New Testament Exegesis
Selected chapters of the Pauline, Johannine or Petrine letters are studied with a view to their original context and their contemporary significance.

3307 Church Polity
Detailed attention is given to selected articles of the second section of the Church Order of Dort: the assemblies, their role and significance. Relations with churches in an international setting are also reviewed.

3308 Church History
This course deals with the history of the church from the Reformation to circa 1800. Special attention is given to the Reformation in various Western European such as Germany, the Netherlands, England and Scotland.

3409 Dogmatics II
In the first semester, the focus is on the work of God in creation and providence, and the doctrines of man, sin and covenant. Christology, dealing with the person and work of Jesus Christ, is discussed in the second semester.

3410 Ethics I
An introduction to Ethics is followed by a discussion of the Ten Words of the Covenant.

3512 Sermon Session
Presentation of sermon proposals. Students in the junior year are expected to present three sermon proposals (OT, NT, and Catechism).

3513 Catechetics
An introduction to the principles, the history, and the practice of Catechism teaching, with special attention for the formation of a curriculum for Catechism teaching. In addition the students are introduced to the pedagogical principles for catechetical teaching.

3514 Liturgics
A study of the principles, the historical development, and the practice of the worship service of the Christian church, with special reference to the historical background of the liturgical forms and prayers in the Book of Praise of the Canadian Reformed Churches. In addition an introduction to hymnology (Psalms, hymns, church music) is offered.

3515 Evangelistic Speaking
This is a course in the Diploma of Theological Studies curriculum. The course is offered on request. Students are expected to prepare and present two evangelistic addresses on assigned texts. For the preparation of these proposals they receive individual guidance by the Homiletics professor.

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