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CRTS Conference 2015

Conference 2015 videos available here.

Convocation Video

Convocation 2014 video now available.

Convocation Photos

Convocation 2014 photos available here.


Current Faculty

Dr. G. H. Visscher, Professor of New Testament 
Dr. J. Van Vliet, Professor of Dogmatology
Dr. A. J. de Visser, Professor of Diaconiology 
Dr. J. Smith, Professor of Old Testament
Dr. T.G. Van Raalte, Professor of Ecclesiology

Former Professors and Lecturers
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Karel Deddens, Th.D. (1924-2005), Professor of Diaconiology and Ecclesiology, 1984-1990.
Jan de Gelder, Th. Cand., Lecturer in Church Polity, 2003-2009.
Jacobus De Jong, Th.D., Professor of Diaconiology and Ecclesiology, active from 1990-2004.
Jelle Faber, Th.D. (1924-2004), Professor of Dogmatology, 1969-1989.
Jakob Geertsema, Th.M., Professor of New Testament, 1986-2001.
Nicolaas H. Gootjes
, Th.D., Professor of Dogmatology, active from 1989-2008.
François Kouwenhoven, Th.M. (1916-1969), Professor of Old Testament, September 10 - October 4, 1969.
Heinrich M. Ohmann, Th.Drs. (1928-2006), Professor of Old Testament, 1971-1981.
Hendrik Scholten, Th.M. (1913-1982), Lecturer in Church History and Church Polity, 1969-1979.
Lubbertus Selles, Th.Cand. (1915-1993), Professor of New Testament, 1969-1986.
Cornelis Van Dam, Th.D., Professor of Old Testament, 1981-2011.
Gijsbertus Van Dooren, Th.M. (1911-1995), Lecturer in Diaconiology, 1969-1984.
William W.J. Van Oene, Th.M.,(1920-2013), Lecturer in Ecclesiology, 1981-1985.
Jules T. Van Popta, Th. Cand. (1916-1968) appointed Professor of Dogmatology three days before his unexpected death.

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