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Jason Van Vliet

Professor of Dogmatology. Currently also serving as Vice-Principal, Dean of Students, Recording Secretary of the Senate, and Associate Librarian.

B.A. Honors, Trinity Western University, 1992;
M.Div., Theological College of Canadian Reformed Churches, 1996;
M.Th., McMaster Divinity College, 2005;  
Th.D.,  Theological University of Apeldoorn, 2009.

Dr. J. Van Vliet has ministered to Canadian Reformed congregations in Lincoln, Ontario and  Surrey, British Columbia. As a full-time professor, he retains his ministerial status with the church at Surrey, British Columbia.

Contact:   email | ext. 32

Select Bibliography


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  • Arbitrium Humanum: Liberum vel Liberandum? An Historical-Theological Study of John Calvin’s Doctrine of the Will. Thesis. McMaster University.


  • "The Freedom of the Will and the Fan of Fig Leaves : an Historical & Theological Investigation Concerning Balthasar Hubmaier's Anthropology with a Reformed Appraisal," Koinoinia, 20.1 (2003): 19-32.


  • "Specious Pacification and Pleasant Consensus: Calvin's Ecumenical Efforts in 1549." In Living Waters from Ancient Springs: Essays in Honour of Cornelis Van Dam, ed. J. Van Vliet. Eugene: Pickwick Publications, 2011.
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Conference Papers

  • "Specious Pacification and Pleasant Consensus: Calvin's Ecumenical Efforts in 1549" presented at the Sixteenth Century Conference 2010 (Montreal, Quebec).
  • "Liberty in Things Above and Below: Were Calvin and Melanchthon on the same page?" presented at The Sixteenth Century Conference 2007 (Minneapolis, Minnesota).
  • "Defaced or Destroyed? The Imago Dei in Calvin and Bullinger" presented at the The Sixteenth Century Conference 2006 (Salt Lake City, Utah).
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