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Correctly Handling the Word of Truth: Reformed Hermeneutics Today

 Fourth Annual Canadian Reformed Theological Seminary Lecture Series

Held January 16 to 18, 2014

Ancaster Canadian Reformed Church

Conference Videos

Dr. G.H. Visscher
Timothy 2:12-15: Is Paul's Injunction about Women still Valid?



Dr. J. VanVliet
The Two Books Debate: What if Scripture and Science seem to say Different Things




Dr. C. Venema
Interpreting the Bible in and with the Church:  The Imperative for and Challenges of a Confessional Hermeneutic



Dr. B. Kamphuis
The Hermeneutics of Dogma



Dr. C. VanDam
Interpreting Historical Narrative: Questioning a Methodology

Dr. K. van Bekkum
Some Remarks on the Reformed Hermeneutics of Biblical Historical Narrative



Dr. J. Smith
The Structure of Jeremiah: Confessional Integrity and Quality Control

Panel Discussion



Dr. A.L.Th. de Bruijne
Christian Ethics and God's use of the Bible



Dr. J.M. Burger
A Soteriological Perspective on our Understanding



Dr. G. Kwakkel
The Reader as Focal Point of Biblical Exegesis



Dr. T.G. Van Raalte
Accommodation: A Wax Nose?



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