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CRTS Conference 2015

Conference 2015 videos available here.

Convocation Video

Convocation 2014 video now available.

Convocation Photos

Convocation 2014 photos available here.

Online Resources

The following resources have been developed by the faculty at CRTS or sponsored by the Board of CRTS.


Beginning Well in the Ministry

Dr. G. H. Visscher addresses the graduating students how to begin well in the ministry and gives instruction for the churches to ably assist their officebearers so that they minister well.


Heidelberg Catechism Website 

This website was launched at the commemoration of the Catechism's 450th anniversary in January 2013.  It provides numerous editions of the catechism in many languages, sermons, articles, and many other resources related to the Heidelberg Catechism.

2013 Conference - Your Only Comfort

In January 2013, CRTS hosted a conference commemorating the 450th anniversary of the Heidelberg Catechism.   Videos of the keynote speeches are available.

2014 Conference - Correctly Handling the Word of Truth: Reformed Hermeneutics Today

In January 2014, CRTS hosted a joint conference on the topic of hermeneutics with the Theological University of Kampen, the Netherlands. Videos of the speeches and responses are available.

Special Lectures

Preaching Seminar

In the first two weeks of January 2012, CRTS faculty and students concentrated intensively on preaching.  Lectures, question periods, panel discussions, informal discussions, and… naturally, sermon preparation and delivery were the focus.  Recordings are available of some of  the presentations made during the first week. 

Canadian Reformed Theological Seminary Convocation Videos

45th Anniversary Meeting and 40th Convocation (2014) video.

44th Anniversary Meeting and 39th Convocation (2013) video.

43rd Anniversary Meeting and 38th Convocation (2012) video.

42nd Anniversary Meeting and 37th Convocation (2011) video.

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