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Convocation 2014 video now available.

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Convocation 2014 photos available here.

ATS Accreditation Granted to CRTS

In 2010, CRTS became an associate member of The Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada. CRTS was granted candidacy status by ATS in 2011 and worked hard to become a fully accredited member of ATS in 2013.  This meant many hours of committee meetings, discussions and self-evaluation.  In November 2012, CRTS submitted its 91 page long (623 pages with appendices!) self- study report to ATS and in March 2013, ATS did a comprehensive site visit.  In August 2013, the ATS Board of Commissioners considered CRTS’s application for accreditation and subsequently granted it for a period of seven years! 

The board, faculty and staff of CRTS are very thankful for this outcome.  CRTS is committed to meeting the standards for good governance and educational practices that ATS schools uphold and to maintaining its distinctive strengths of being a federational school supported by the Canadian Reformed Churches, and faithful submission to the Holy Scriptures, the Word of God, as summarized in the Three Forms of Unity which form the confessional standards of the Canadian Reformed Churches.

To learn more about ATS, please visit their website at

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