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Diploma of Missiology

The Diploma of Missiology (Dip. M.) program is designed for those with an M.Div. degree who are preparing to serve as missionaries.The length of this program is around eight months.

All applicants to this program must have acquired the Master of Divinity degree. Application for admission should be made to the Registrar.

The program consists of two major parts, the theological (75%) and the more practically directed part (25%). The theological part is subdivided into six sections:

  1. Theological foundations of mission work
  2. History of mission work
  3. Study of non-Christian religions (with special focus on the student's future mission field)
  4. Methodology of Missions
  5. A paper on a topic related to missiological theory
  6. Two papers relating to the practical work on the mission field.

Students are required to do an intensive cultural adaptation course as well as a language acquisition course at a reputable institute for missionary training. With respect to learning the appropriate foreign language, students may do this before leaving for the mission field or after arriving at the mission field, depending on the situation.


If you have any questions, please contact the registrar.

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