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Pastoral Training Program

All students in the Master of Divinity program must complete the Pastoral Training Program (PTP).  The program offers opportunities for practical experiences, or field education, that orient and equip students in core responsibilities of the ministry such as preaching, teaching, leading worship, and pastoral visitation. 


The PTP has four components:

  • Orientation Internship (1-2 weeks, after the first year of studies)
  • Catechism Teaching Practicum (during the second year)
  • Evangelism/Mission Practicum  (2 weeks, after the second year, or during the third year)
  • Summer Internship (10-12 weeks, after third year)


Students who do not aspire to become ministers of the Word may substitute a different field assignment for the final summer internship.

Students who aspire to become ministers in the Canadian Reformed Churches, are expected to complete the full PTP program successfully and present a testimony to this effect when they apply for a classis examination for eligibility for call. This testimony is issued by the Senate at the end of the 4th year of studies. 

Evaluation of the student's performance in the program is determined by the program director in consultation with the field supervisor (minister/mentor).  

The director of this program is the Professor of Diaconiology, Dr. A. J. de Visser

To read more about the PTP program and to see some photos of recent participants, click here

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