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(re)Meet Dr. Klaas Schilder

Book Launch Event: Tuesday, May 10, at 8PM
Cornerstone Canadian Reformed Church - 353 Stone Church Rd E., Hamilton, ON

Prof. Dr. Klaas Schilder (1890-1952) was a prominent church leader in the Reformed church in the Netherlands during the first half of the twentieth century. Best known as a beloved professor of systematic theology, he had a prolific pen, an incisive intellect, a courageous character… but, above all, a deep and abiding love for the Church of Christ.

You may have heard his name, but who really was this man, also as a preacher, a pastor, and a journalist? What really did he teach? Perhaps you have heard he was against common grace and in favour of redemptive historical preaching. But what exactly does that mean? What difference does it make to you, today?

If you read Dutch fluently, you could have answers to those questions. But if your mother tongue is English, you have probably been left wanting… at least, until now. George Harinck and Marinus de Jong, as editors, along with Albert Oosterhoff, as translator, now bring us The Klaas Schilder Reader: The Essential Theological Writings (Lexham Press, 2022, 560 pp).

For the past two years COVID restrictions have cancelled many public events. But now the Lord has blessed us with new opportunities. Whether you are younger or older, please come out and join us on Tuesday, May 10, at 8PM in the Cornerstone Canadian Reformed Church (353 Stone Church Rd E., Hamilton, ON) to learn how the Lord blessed Prof. Schilder with insights that can still bless us today. Livestream will be available. Link to be posted here before the event.

Schedule of Events:

(re)Meet Klaas Schilder – George Harinck

George Harinck is professor of the history of neo-Calvinism at Theological University Kampen | Utrecht and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. He published widely, also on Schilder, is director of the Neo-Calvinism Research Institute at TU Kampen and president of the Prof. Dr. K. Schilder Foundation that published his collected works and made his works available on the web.

(re)Discover Schilder’s Teachings – Marinus de Jong

Marinus de Jong is pastor of the Oosterparkkerk, a Reformed church in Amsterdam. In 2019 he defended his dissertation on Klaas Schilder’s thought on the public role of the church at Theological University Kampen, Utrecht. He is an associate researcher at the Neo-Calvinism Research Institute.

3-2-1, Launch! The Schilder Reader: An Unboxing Event

A Canadian Translator Learns New Things about a Dutch Theologian – Albert Oosterhoff

Albert H. Oosterhoff is a Professor Emeritus of Faculty of Law at Western University. He is a member of the Ebenezer Canadian Reformed Church in Burlington and has helped out in a number of Dutch-English translation projects.

I Heard about Schilder but Now I Understand That… - Daniel Shin

Daniel Shin is the pastor of Spring Creek Canadian Reformed Church and a graduate of the Canadian Reformed Theological Seminary.

Your Turn: Q&A

Marinus de Jong, George Harinck, Jessica Joustra, Daniel Shin