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If you wish to speak to us directly or send a facsimile:

Phone: 905.575.3688 (extension numbers below)
Fax: 905.575.0799

If you wish to contact us by regular mail, please send your correspondence to:

Canadian Reformed Theological Seminary
110 West 27th Street
Hamilton, Ontario, L9C 5A1


Catharine Mechelse

Office Administrator

email | ext 27

Leanne Kuizenga

Faculty Administrative Assistant

email | ext 21

Margaret Alkema


email | ext 28


Dr. Gerhard H. Visscher

Professor of New Testament, Principal

email | ext 31

Dr. Jason P. Van Vliet

Professor of Dogmatics, Vice-Principal

email | ext 32

Dr. Arjan de Visser

Professor of Ministry and Mission, Registrar

email | ext 22

Dr. Jannes Smith

Professor of Old Testament

email | ext 24

Dr. Theodore G. Van Raalte

Professor of Ecclesiology

email | ext 23