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Senior Year

4101 Old Testament Hebrew
Selected poetic passages are read with due attention given to the Hebrew grammar. Prerequisite: 1101 Old Testament Hebrew.

4103 History of Revelation in the Old Testament
A study of the history of God's revelation in the Old Testament from creation to the end of prophecy. Included in this course is an orientation in and critical discussion of past and current Old Testament theologies.

4104 Old Testament Exegesis
Selected poetic passages are studied, mainly in seminar format with special emphasis on the text, its translation and message. Occasionally an excursus on a subject related to the text is given.

4205 New Testament Greek
The grammar and idioms of New Testament Greek are studied. The readings are from the book of Hebrews, the Catholic Epistles and Revelation. Prerequisite: 1204 New Testament Greek.

4206 History of Revelation in the New Testament
The concept of a "history of revelation" is discussed and several phases of this history in the New Testament era are discussed. In seminars, some themes from the Pauline writings are treated especially with a view to their relation to the teaching of the Lord Jesus.

4207 Advanced Hermeneutics
This course will take a closer look at some of the hermeneutical and methodological issues touched on in 1207. Attention will also be paid to the narrative-critical approach to interpreting the New Testament.

4208 New Testament Exegesis
Passages of the Gospel of John are studied with special emphasis on their redemptive-historical significance. 

4309 Church Polity
This course completes the study of the Church Order of Dort, examining in historical perspective the practical aspects of the ecclesiastical assemblies; worship, sacraments, and ceremonies; and church discipline.

4310 Church History
This course covers church history in North and South America from the 16th c. to the present. Colonization, the First and Second Great Awakenings, the rise of Evangelicalism, and more recent developments receive attention. The history of the Christian Reformed, Free Reformed, Protestant Reformed, and Canadian Reformed Churches is also studied in this context.

4411 Dogmatics III
In the course, the doctrines of the church and the means of grace are studied in Semester I, followed by a discussion of soteriology, eschatology and christology in Semester II.

4412 Contemporary Issues
The church today is confronted with numerous challenging issues, both doctrinal and ethical. A number of these issues will be explored and evaluated on the basis of God's Word and the Reformed confessions.

4514 Sermon Session
Presentation and evaluation of sermon proposals. Students in the senior year are expected to present three sermon proposals (OT, NT, and Catechism). For the sermon proposals on Biblical passages students are expected to choose texts for themselves.

4515 Missiology
This course deals with the church's missionary calling to teach and preach the gospel to the unconverted abroad. The course introduces the students to Biblical and theological principles, the history of mission work, and the practice of mission work. Special attention is given to important issues such as the theological evaluation of other religions, contextualization, syncretism, relationship with young churches in the Third World, etc.

4516 Poimenics II
A course in aspects of the pastoral care of the congregation, including counselling of various categories of church members who need special care. Special attention is given to the cooperation with professional care givers such as social workers and psychologists.

4517 Advanced Missiology
The theory of Reformed mission is discussed. Other topics are history of mission, history of religions, and methodology of mission. This reading course is only offered on request and also forms a part of the Diploma of Missiology program.

4518 Evangelistic Speaking
This is a course in the Diploma of Theological Studies curriculum. The course is offered on request. Students are expected to prepare and present two evangelistic addresses on assigned texts. For the preparation of these proposals they receive individual guidance by the Homiletics professor.

4530 Pastoral Training Program
This course is a program that offers opportunities for practical experiences, or field education, that orient and equip students in the core responsibilities of the ministry such as preaching, teaching and pastoral visitation.  It consists of four key components spread throughout the M.Div. program: an orientation week with a pastor, a catechism teaching practicum, an evangelism practicum and a summer internship.  Further details about these components can be found in the Pastoral Training Program Manual.  This course is required for all M.Div. students and will be evaluated on a pass / fail basis.

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