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The new CRTS website will launch in the coming weeks. Stay tuned and be sure to visit the new site.

CRTS Conference 2015

Conference 2015 videos available here.

Convocation Photos

Convocation 2014 photos available here.

Evaluation Visit of CRTS by the Association of Theological Schools

The Canadian Reformed Theological Seminary (“CRTS”) is seeking accreditation from the Association of Theological Schools (“ATS”). CRTS has submitted a Self-Study to the Board of Commissioners of ATS for review. In February 2013, the Board of Commissioners authorized an evaluation visit of CRTS to be held March 11-14, 2013. CRTS invites comments from the seminary community and constituencies concerning its qualifications for accreditation. These comments will be shared with the evaluation committee.

Please submit your comments in writing and address matters relating to the quality of the academic programs or the Seminary in general.

All comments must be received by March 6, 2013. They may be submitted via letter or via email.  Please include your name and contact information.


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Attn: M. Van der Velde

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