Full session descriptions forthcoming.

Session 1

Why are Biblical Morals Now Collapsing?
by Nancy Pearcey

Session 2

What Gender are You? Unpacking the Current Transgenderism
by Nancy Pearcey

Session 3

“Male and Female He Created Them”: Image of God and Gender Identity
by Jason Van Vliet

Session 4

Caesar is gnostic: (Il)legalities around Promoting a Biblical Sexual Ethic
by André Schutten

Session 5

Crisis of Selfhood? Identity in Union with Christ
by Ted Van Raalte

Session 6

Hope for Christians: Cultivating a Garden in the Sexually Immoral Wasteland
by Nancy Pearcey

Conference Addendum

The RCDC and the LCRSS, in collaboration with CCRTC, are presenting a one day  'conference addendum' for educators. This will take place on Monday, January 18, 2021.Building on the presentations at the CRTS conference, participants will grapple with what they learned and consider how to apply it to their classroom and schools. Additional information will be made available in late August.