Introducing Jakob Mars

I’m Jakob Mars, and this is my wonderful wife, Jolandi, and our precious daughter, Lisa, who is two years old. Jolandi and I have been married for 5 years and are both originally from beautiful Cape Town, South Africa, where we were members of the Free Reformed Church of South Africa in Bellville. We love fishing, mountain biking, board games, and ‘gesellig’ sitting around the fire. After finishing high school, I didn't quite know what I wanted to do. I did my undergraduate studies in Psychology, Physiology, and Genetics and worked part-time at a computer shop and as a pizza delivery person. Around that time Jolandi and I caught each other’s eye at church. She is a teacher by profession. During my studies I became increasingly uneasy with what I learned at university and the desire to serve God in the ministry began to grow in me. 

And so, after doing my Biblical languages, I enrolled at CRTS. Due to unforeseen circumstances I had to do my first two years of seminary education online. During my seminary education, I had the privilege of doing various internships, including with Rev. Johan Bruintjes in Cape Town, Rev. Erik van Alten in Pretoria, Rev. Dick Wynia in Lincoln, and Rev. Gerrit Bruintjes in Toronto.

Currently, I'm in my final year of seminary studies, eagerly anticipating completion. We are also looking forward, Lord willing, to summer work at Maranatha Canadian Reformed Church in British Columbia. After Convocation we hope to return to Cape Town where I'll be doing a vicariate alongside Rev. Johan Bruintjes for a year and a half. 

In our journey, Christ has taught us to grow in our dependance on him, our appreciation of the community of saints, and our desire for the coming of his kingdom. We're deeply grateful for the opportunities we've been given and the support we've received along the way. Looking ahead, we're excited about the path that lies before us and the ways in which we can serve Christ in his kingdom.