Introducing Jeremy Segstro

Hello all!

My name is Jeremy Segstro, and I am finishing up my last year at CRTS.  It has been a wonderful four years, each with different challenges and joys.  I am eagerly anticipating presenting myself before classis, the Lord willing, this upcoming June to be eligible for a call to serve in God’s church.  I distinctly remember the day that I received the acceptance letter in the mail, April 8, 2015.  How excited I was, filled with anticipation and fear of the unknown!  But this was a journey that started long before 2015.

I was born in a small kitchen during the bitterly cold winter of 1992 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, the second son in our small family of four.  Already at a very young age, I felt a tugging on my heart to serve God and His church in the ministry, and yet I resisted this prompting.

I was a handful to raise, so I’m told, always wandering off and exploring.  Once my parents found me on a stage at a campground, singing Jesus Loves Me to those gathered around, already desiring to share my fledgling faith with all who would hear.

My childhood was fairly average, going to a Christian school, attending church, spending time with my friends, playing games, reading books, and riding bikes.  But something that I loved more than anything else was the Bible.  I spent hours reading the illustrated children’s Bible in my parents’ basement and pouring over the maps in my parents’ red leather Bible. Eventually I got my own as a gift from school.  High school proved to be a difficult time for me, and my faith was sorely tested by those around me. But the grace of God prevailed, and I entered university with a faith stronger than ever.  I was finishing up a degree in psychology, desiring to be a Christian counsellor, but once again began to feel the familiar prompting to pursue the ministry.  After prayer and strengthening by the Holy Spirit, this second prompting was answered and psychology was traded in for theology. I’ve never looked back since!

 After two more years of full-time education, and a year spent working in an elementary school while taking part-time Latin, I was off to seminary in Hamilton.

My time at the seminary has been so very challenging but at the same time rewarding beyond measure.  God has truly blessed our federation with young men eager to serve the churches and older men eager to guide them.  There has been much ink and tears, both spilled during my four years in Hamilton, but God was with me through it all.  From my first paper, through teaching catechism classes for two-and-a-half years, and on to my preaching internship in Fergus, ON, God has been so faithful and loving through it all.  It is his grace that has brought me safe thus far, and His grace will lead me in the next stages of my life, and eventually, his grace will lead me home.

 May my every moment and every breath serve to glorify our amazing God!