Introducing Tony Zheng

Hellο. I’m Tony (Zhiyong) Zheng (38), and this is my wife, Mindy Zheng (37). We have been married for nearly 12 years and have three lovely kids: Evangeline (9), Tyrion (7), and Toby (2). We were all born in China except for our son Toby, who was born in Canada. So, here is my brief bio:

What did I do before CRTS?

I was born and raised in a small materialistic city (1.41 million population) in southeast China near Taiwan. My grandparents and mother took me to church when I was a child, yet the atheistic educational system misled me. I became a rebellious and secular young man who tried to please himself only. However, God graciously saved me from a sinful life when I was 19 years old. 

After finishing a short university life, I started my career at age 21 for about 12 years. During these years, I had opportunities to work in a software company, later an international trading company, and then shortly as a private school teacher. After that, I started translating Christian books from English into Chinese while serving part-time at a local urban house church.

How did I come to seminary?

I had always wanted to attend a seminary and become an ordained preacher after I became a serious Christian. However, it took 13 years for me to realize that dream. God's providence led me to know about CRTS through a Chinese Reformed friend. I was already convinced of Reformed theology beforehand, so I sent my application letter to CRTS, and the seminary graciously accepted me as a full-time student.

While at CRTS, I have learned so much that I couldn't have learned elsewhere. My professors have been instrumental in guiding me through the Bible and studying theology through God's Word. I appreciate their humility and dedication in teaching and mentoring me, which has helped me grow spiritually.

In the past three years, I've completed several internships, including three weeks with Rev. Jeff Temple for my orientation internship, two months with Rev. Frank Dong and Rev. James Visscher for my mission internship, and 11 weeks with Rev. Douwe Agema (preaching) and Rev. Theo Wierenga (family visits and church meetings) for my preaching and pastoral internship. Through these internships, I've gained invaluable insights, and I appreciate my mentors' wisdom and guidance. But I still have so much more to learn and improve.

What’s my future plan?

My plan for the near future is to move to BC and join the Chinese mission work in June after the preparatory classis exam. I will take a one-year internship to figure out whether this is the path that the Lord has chosen for me. As I look back on my journey, I am humbled and grateful for God's grace and the support of all my brothers and sisters in Christ. My family and I desire to serve our Saviour Jesus Christ faithfully, and we pray that his will be done in my life.