Student Profiles 2024

Friday, April 12, 2024

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It’s my privilege as Dean of Students at CRTS to present to you the students who will be graduating this year. It’s a special joy for me to do that because we all began together almost four years ago, in September of 2020, these seven brothers as new students and I as the new professor. Since then, God has been busy with us all, causing us to grow in our love for Christ, our delight in his Word, and our desire to serve his church and kingdom. In the profiles found here you can hear from these brothers themselves how God guided them along different paths, from different countries around the globe, and with different testimonies to his abundant grace. From Western and Eastern Canada, from Australia, Asia, and Africa, their paths converged here for a time, and now God is calling them onward. While each of these brothers plans to present himself to classis to become eligible for call, Lord willing, five of them will do that already this June, and two will wait until after completing an internship. We are eager to see how the Son of God uses them as he gathers, defends, and preserves for himself, by his Spirit and Word, in the unity of true faith, a church chosen to everlasting life (LD 21)! Enjoy reading their profiles and please uphold them in prayer.
Dr. William denHollander
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