Diploma of Missiology


The Diploma of Missiology program is designed for students who are preparing to serve as ordained missionaries in a global, cross-cultural mission context.

The length of this program is three months (full-time) or four to six months (part-time). Students do not need to be on-campus. Instruction and guidance is provided by way of regular contact sessions between professor and student (in-person or online).


The program covers following areas:

  • Biblical & theological foundations of mission
  • History of mission (general & specific)
  • Elenctics & contextualization
  • Missionary strategy
  • Paper on a relevant missiological topic


Applicants must normally have acquired an MDiv that is comparable to CRTS MDiv standards. Application for admission should be submitted to the Registrar.


For questions about this program and applicable fees, please contact the Registrar.