Bachelor of Theology Elective Courses

B501 - Evangelistic Speaking I

   (Credits: 2)

This course teaches the student how to prepare and deliver expository messages in an evangelistic context. The first part of the course focuses on theological foundations. The second part of the course takes the student through the process of preparing an expository message. This message will be delivered preferably in an actual ministry setting.

B502 - Evangelistic Speaking II

   (Credits: 2)

Building on Evangelistic Speaking I, this course aims at giving the student more insight in issues such as congregational and missionary preaching, expository preaching and Catechism preaching. The student is expected to prepare two expository, evangelistic messages under supervision of the professor of Homiletics and/or a minister/mentor in the field. These messages will be delivered preferably in actual ministry settings.

B517 - Advanced Missiology

   (Credits: 4)

Building on 4515 Missiology, this course aims at deepening the student’s understanding of Biblical and theological foundations of mission and evangelism, history of mission and evangelism, and contemporary strategy and methods of mission and evangelism. The course ends with a capstone project that is designed to suit the student’s interests and future ministry.

B530 - Field Internship

   (Credits: 2)

The Bachelor internship is a field education program designed to prepare students for a future role in Christian ministry. The student will spend a minimum of two weeks in a practical ministry setting such as foreign mission, home mission, mission aid, or pastoral care. The internship is to be completed during the summer months.