Admissions Overview

Canadian Applicants - Application deadline March 15

Step # 1: Research CRTS programs and choose which program to which to apply.                               

Step # 2: Fill in the application form for the correct program.

Master of Divinity
Bachelor of Theology
Diploma of Theological Studies
Part-time Student

Step # 3: Submit additional supporting documents.
                Autobiographical letter, Attestation or Letters of Recommendation

Step # 4: Contact the references provided on your application. 

The CRTS Registrar’s office will email an online form directly to the references provided on your application. Please contact your references in advance so that they are aware of the situation.

Step # 5: Request transcripts.

Official transcripts of all your academic work beyond high school must be sent to the CRTS Registrar’s office directly from the educational institute. An official transcript must be sent at the time of application and at the end of your pre-CRTS studies.

Step # 6: Stay connected after applying.

Note: CRTS will communicate an admission decision within 6 weeks after an applicant’s file has been deemed to be complete.

Step # 7: Review and accept your offer of admission.