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Thursday, January 23, 2020

Work Undone and Fields Unwon: Why Global Missions Needs to be More of a Priority for All of Us

If you talk about the need global missions in Canada today, someone will inevitably share the popular perspective that significant investment of money and time into supporting foreign missionaries is no longer necessary because the nations are now on our doorstep and in our neighbourhoods. In this talk, I hope to expose the fallacy of this line of thinking, and demonstrate that global missions must in fact be more of a priority for us. To do this, I will survey the state of Christianity and missions around the world, share what other conservative, Reformed churches are doing to fulfil the Great Commission, and consider the state of "foreign mission mindedness" among our churches. Throughout, I will draw on my experiences as a pastor in Canada and as a missionary in Papua New Guinea.

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Exposing Worldviews: How the Challenges of Preaching in PNG are Surprisingly Relevant Everywhere

The process of leaving my ministry in my home culture and learning to minister and preach in another, very different one has been like learning how to crawl again. I have had to rethink the impact that culture, cultural assumptions, and worldview play in proclaiming the gospel of Christ, and I constantly experience how much these things matter. In this talk I want to share some of those experiences, and how the much neglected discipline of Elenctics, coined and promoted by the great Reformed missiologist, J.H. Bavinck, has been invaluably useful. But I think that a greater sensitivity to the impact of worldview and the use of Elenctics is not only valuable for foreign missions, it is valuable for all preaching everywhere.