Admissions Overview

International Applicants - Application deadline January 31.

Please note that CRTS is unable to accept any applications from international students for the BTh or DipThSt programs for the 2024-2025 year at this time.

Step # 1: Research CRTS programs and choose which program to which to apply.                             

Step # 2: Read the full application instructions and fill in the application form for the correct program.

(found in the links below)

    Master of Divinity
    Bachelor of Theology
    Diploma of Theological Studies
    Part-time Student

Step # 3: Copy your autobiographical letter into the online application form.

Step # 4: Pay the application fee of $50 and submit your application form.

Step # 5: Determine if you need to write a TOEFL test.

All prospective students are required to successfully complete the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). At the discretion of Senate, exceptions to this requirement may be given to:

    • students for whom English is their first language and who are applying from a country that is classified as having a majority of native English-speaking residents (countries that are classified as majority native English speaking include Canada, United States of America, United Kingdom and Australia). For a full list, see here.
    • students who have proof of completion of a postsecondary degree from an institution in the above-mentioned countries.

In keeping with general standards for graduate work in English, a total score of at least 86 on the internet based test is required for admission. For information concerning the administration of TOEFL, visit The TOEFL destination code (DI) of CRTS is 5541. Test results should be sent directly to CRTS using this code.

Step # 6: Submit additional supporting documents: Attestation or Letters of Recommendation.

Step # 7: Contact the references provided on your application.

The CRTS Registrar’s office will email an online form directly to the references provided on your application. Please advise your references in advance so that they are aware of the situation.

Step # 8: Request transcripts.

Official transcripts of all your academic work beyond high school must be sent to the CRTS Registrar’s office directly from the educational institute. An official transcript must be sent at the time of application and at the end of your pre-CRTS studies.

Step # 9: Stay connected after applying.

Note: CRTS will communicate an admission decision within 6 weeks after an applicant’s file has been deemed to be complete and application fee has been paid.

Step # 10: Review and accept your offer of admission.

Step # 11: Apply for a Canadian study permit. 

You’ll need to satisfy current Canadian government standards for immigration to Canada relative to finances, passports, student visas, etc.

CRTS is a Designated Learning Institute registered with Citizenship and Immigration Canada.  To learn more, please visit the CIC website at

Step # 12: Provide a copy of your study permit and health insurance to the Registrar’s office.